Thursday, 8 March 2012


Here are some list of books which can be benificatial for UPSC and other state civil sevices PRE examination:
  1. Current events of national and international importance.
    • Any magazine on current affairs
    • Yojana
    • India year book
  2. Indian national movement
    • struggle for independence”- Bipan Chandra
    • “A brief history of modern India.”- Spectrum Series
    • “Modern India”- summit Sarkar
  3. Physical geography and geography(world)
    • “Physical Geography” - Goh-Ghe-Leang.
    • Geography world- 6th to 8th class.
    • World geography from any magazine.
  4. Indian polity and Governance.
    • Indian polity- Lakshmikant.
    • Indian constitution- DD Basu.
    • Chronicle- constitution watch.
  5. Issues of  environment ecology, bio diversity and climate change
    • Environmental Studies- Erach Barucha.
    • Indian year book- Environment.
    • Manorama year book.
    • CS- chronicle ecology and environment of current affairs.
  6. Economy and Social Development.
    • Uma kapila’s polices and performance
    • Current affair magazine.
    • Class XII- geography book.( India people and Economy)
    • PD’s Economy section.
    • Yojana.
  7. Aptitude
    • RS Aggarwal for mathematics.
    • Any English Grammar book for English.
    • Collins’s dictionary( Idioms and phrases)

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